Okay I’m really sorry that I have been posting about the ucsb shooting all day, but this is really important.

It isn’t a matter of feminism, it isn’t a matter of male rights, let’s just throw all that shit out the window for a second.

Regardless of what you believe, violence against women is…

It isn’t that men aren’t taught to be afraid, but that men are taught that it’s not okay to be afraid. Everyone knows that society teaches women to be the victims, but what of the little boys that grow up hearing that they aren’t allowed to be?

Women have far more resources for dealing with issues like sexual harassment and domestic abuse, and men don’t. A woman slapping a man is portrayed as playful by media and a man slapping a woman as barbaric abuse.

This is damaging to both sides. It portrays women as weak, and holds men to impossibly high standard of emotional and physical endurance. It is not worse for women, or for men - both sides lose out in this dynamic.

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Words don’t even describe the chills. God bless whoever this amazing human being is.

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You beautiful little bitch!

Sometimes I contemplate suicide quite seriously.

I think about how easy it would be, to leave this place. I think quite clearly of the act, and the pain it would save. I think of my suspicions that I’m heading towards psychopathy, and it would be a moral act to end myself.

The world loses it’s colour; nothing feels as good as it used to, as sweet, as fresh. Even my dreams and imaginings turn bleak and pointless, and I find myself slipping away - going quite mad - as every demented thought and apparition my mind can conjure claws at me.

And then I sleep, I dream, I wake to a new day with sunlight streaming through the windows and morning air on my skin, and a whole day of questions and adventures ahead of me, and all I can think is..

… Life, you’re a cruel, beautiful bitch. I’m sorry I didn’t appreciate you yesterday.

And then it starts again.

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